Geospatial technology is becoming ever more interwoven into the fabric of our society.  Recent, detailed images acquired from satellite- and airplane-borne cameras are now the norm of nightly news broadcasts.  Families can easily geotag photographs taken during vacations, helping keep a record of their travels.  Drivers expect the most up-to-date maps for their global positioning units to guide them in unfamiliar cities.  Communities can plan for worst-case flooding scenarios using modeling results that show what may happen if a certain dam were to break or a hurricane strikes a specific area.
The National Geospatial Technology Extension Network (NGTEN) is supporting the many rapidly growing uses of geospatial technologies in the United States and abroad.  We are a group of Geospatial Extension Specialists (GES) who are actively working in our respective communities by promoting new partnerships, teaching new and advanced geospatial
technology users alike, facilitating access to data, researching and testing new technologies, publishing informative websites, and more!

The purpose of the website is to introduce the NGTEN, provide an overview of our collective efforts, and perhaps connect you with a local GES who may be able to support your own use of geospatial technologies.

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    Posted Mar 9, 2010, 10:41 AM by Amy Hays
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